Network Protection

We support and manage the overall health of each computer in your company. OnTech Networks' ensures that your computers are working properly, protected, and secure against technology threats and disasters. We ensure that your computers are available to run your business efficiently.


Anti-Virus Protection

All of our managed clients will receive some of the best antivirus and malware protection solutions on the market. We actively manage definition updates, neutralize threats, and report against repeat offenders that are putting your business at risk.


Email Encryption

As a critical piece of your company’s overall privacy strategy, Email Encryption helps you to monitor email content, identify confidential information that's leaving your company and track where it is being distributed.


Email Protection

Our Email Protection Service Intermedia Email Protection uses multiple industry-leading email security engines that currently protect over 1 billion mailboxes globally to provide an outstanding level of protection against known, unknown and emerging email threats, over and above what single engine services can offer.